#WeEmerge Stronger Together

Join The DO School founder Florian Hoffmann in conversation with thought and industry leaders from around the world to discuss how we can emerge stronger and build a new normal that is sustainable, just and innovative.


#WeEmerge: The future of food

During a time when many people are confronted with empty grocery store aisles or drying farmlands, food has been on our minds more than ever during this crisis. What does a more sustainable, equitable future of food look like?

Join Alexandra Wandel, Helmy Abouleish, and Dr. Hans R. Herren from the World Future Council to hear stories from the frontlines. You will learn about innovative approaches to end hunger and malnutrition, promote a sustainable use of resources, and use south-south cooperation in agriculture.


#WeEmerge: How digital will our future be?

Join for a lighting talk on how #WeEmerge stronger with Florian Bankoley, Executive Vice President – Business Interface | Global Information Systems & Services at Bosch, and Oliver Dohn, CEO of the FELSS Group, to discuss innovation in the context of a rapidly digitalised future.

We will explore the push and pull of COVID-19 on the movement to digital, the future of mobility, and trends in the digital ecosystem of Europe.

#WeEmerge: COVID-19 and Climate Change

Join Canada’s Ambassador for Climate Change, Patricia Fuller, and IKEA Group’s Head of Sustainability Innovation, Håkan Nordkvist, for a discussion around how the Covid-19 Crisis is affecting global efforts to build a more sustainable society and economy. We will explore how the public and private sectors can better collaborate to tackle climate change and what DOers around the world can do to take action.

#WeEmerge: Leading in a VUCA world

This time of rapid change demands a lot from leaders. Those using the VUCA framework are building more resilient strategies in the face of trends and waves of disruption that are only going faster. Join seasoned executives Angela Gallenz and Alexandra Grahe to learn how to lead in times of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. This interactive webinar will equip you to be agile in the face of unknowns, embrace self-development as a leader so you can emerge stronger from the crisis, and create a culture of highly engaged teams – all based on real-world experience. 

#WeEmerge: Chances for a greener economy

Join The DO School founder Florian Hoffmann on May 15, 3-4 PM CEST in conversation with Bündnis90/Die Grünen politician Franziska Brantner and former BMW manager Peter Schwarzenbauer on how we can emerge stronger from the crisis and what role environmental concerns play in rebuilding the economy


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