Scott has experience building, developing and leading organizations, learning institutions, and programs at various phases of development – conceptual, start-up, local scaling, national scaling, international scaling and improvement/turnaround.  Developing people and teams has always been at the heart of the programs that Scott has helped to design and has been a key part of his work with his own team responsible for delivering these programs.  Additionally, Scott has always enjoyed coaching other leaders to find both impact and balance in their lives and work.  After his previous role as interim-CEO / Chief Educational Program Officer at Kiron Open Higher Education, Scott realized that what he wants to do most is to help others to do more purposeful, impactful work.

The DO School is an excellent home for Scott because it enables him to work with multiple partners – maximizing their learning and experience, as well his own and that of his team.  The DO School mission and vision fits so well with how Scott approaches his work – seeing purposeful DOing as the best way to work and movement-building as the only way to truly realize organizational transformation.  He is thrilled to be part of the DO School and to both help partners and participants with individual and organizational development and to contribute to the DO School becoming a cornerstone of a global movement of purposeful DOing.  With experience living/working in several continents, Scott enjoys being part of this global movement at the DO School and to contributing to ensuring that diversity, cultural awareness, and open participation are foundational features.  Scott looks forward to taking this journey with current and future partners!


The DO School Innovation Lab GmbH

Novalisstraße 12, 10115 Berlin, Germany

Tel: +49 (0)30 847 11 88-0