Be part of a global day of purposeful DOing focusing
on how #WeEmerge stronger together

At The DO School, we believe that in just one day individuals and communities can come together and make a tangible difference towards global challenges – no matter how daunting. That’s why we created DO Day: our annual day of DOing on the 18th of October. DO Day calls on purposeful DOers around the world to come together and co-create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. 

DO DAY 2020

This year, DO Day 2020 will take place in the form of virtual gatherings around the world, tackling challenges around the question of how #WeEmerge stronger from the various crises and disruptions of the past months. 

Whether you are working on a more just and equitable society that protects and includes all of its members, a more sustainable future of supply chains or innovative methods of carbon and waste reduction – activate your local community and connect with our global network of DOers to spread awareness and find solutions for a topic that is close to you. 

In the past, solutions that came out of and were supported through DO Day, have included an online self-assessment quiz to improve accessibility and create awareness for women’s healthcare; a femtrepreneur app that provides online resources and boosts community as well as a platform for artisans from the local community to develop and trade high-fashion, organic, handmade products.


Organize a DO Day event

A DO Day organizer volunteers to run a DO Day event in their local community under the guidance and framework of The DO School.

What does it mean to be a DO Day Organizer?


  • As a DO Day organizer, you will invite participants and host your own half or full day workshop with materials, tools and guidelines that we make available to you
  • You will choose a challenge that is important to you and your local community (i.e. leveling the playing field for female entrepreneurs in Jamaica, developing simple ways to reduce or upcycle plastic waste) and co-create an action-oriented solution to it with your local community in an in-person event or global participants during a virtual gathering
  • Share your challenge results with our global DOers community for feedback, support, inspiration and the chance to be chosen as one of our winning projects to receive funding and exposure across all DO School channels

Who can be a DO Day organizer?


  • Whether you are a young entrepreneur, a passionate team member, a sustainability activist or more – if you have a topic that is important to you and that you would like to have an impact on how #WeEmerge together, make sure to join us as a DO Day organizer!

To find out whether you would like to host your own DO Day event, sign up to our DO Community platform (if you don’t have a profile yet) and request access to our DO Day project. You will find more information on how to proceed there!

Join a DO Day event

To join us, please have a look at our DO Day organizer events which are open for virtual participation and register for or reach out to the organizers whose topics you are most interested in:

Adina will be helping NGO’s to pivot to social enterprise business models – join the event!


Shannon is hosting a DO Day around the question:  What has coronavirus taught us about fighting climate change? – join the event!


Charlotte will raise awareness for B Corps as a pillar for the purpose economy and how they present a new healthier mentality and approach towards business – join the event!


Chris hosts a DO Day event for co-creation around how we can emerge stronger from the challenges that humanity is currently facing – join the event!


Audrey‘s goal for DO Day is to promote mental health amid the pandemic – join the event!


Mamta will tackle the question: What can youth do to stitch the climate change? – join the event!


Laís will be creating a solution to promote safer cities for women – join the event!


Saba will work on how vulnerable communities have emerged through the pandemic – reach out to her to join!


Rosa is dedicating her DO Day to the topic of:  Longing or Transcending ?: Sustainably Emerging from the Pandemic – reach out to her to join!


Rajai is teaching the philosophy of bees and the life of bees to change society and teach it about bee culture – reach out to join the event!


  • Have an impact: Directly impact a critical global issue and have the opportunity to get financial support and resources to implement your solutions developed during DO Day.


  • Connect and be inspired: Meet, learn and share with a diverse group of DOers and experts in your community and around the world who are just as passionate as you through the event and webinars hosted by The DO School Team. 


  • Support and resources: The DO School facilitators will provide you with individual tools, methods, and innovation skills to help you tackle any topic.


  • Workshop formatting: The DO School facilitators will provide a clear format advising you on how to run workshops and engagements during the day.


  • Elevate your topic: With our global community involved in DO Day, your project has the chance to receive global awareness.


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