An expert session is a short but insightful webinar format where We invite two experts each week to spend 20 minutes discussing a topic related to Purposeful Retail and answer questions from our community on the topic.

This week’s Expert Session webinar with Angela Gallenz and Alex Sbardella explored the future of the brick and mortar store.


  • Angela Gallenz is Head of HR for H&M Germany and has a broad insight into the future shopping experience and what it will mean for its employees.
  • Alex Sbardella is SVP of Global Innovation at GDR Creative Intelligence. He leads consulting for digital transformation and physical retail and works with some of the world’s largest brands.

Both Angela and Alex are strong believers that the brick and mortar store is not dead, although it is undergoing a period of extreme change. They both foresee retail taking up less space in city centers but the shops that remain will be of better quality and will encourage future customers to be more involved.